Good Times Online #9

Strap in, team, lots happening at illustrated and on many other fronts across the INTER WEBS. fashion Houses are shaking things up in their seasonal digital campaigns, and not just during MBFW here on home soil. PLUS it feels like each day we catch word of a new album release, or one on it's way. POst-budget Reveal, the political climate is looking grim, but isn't it always? Sit back, relax & FORGET about all that, turn your head to these good times online instead.


We can't imbed the video because of privacy settings, but if you click here you'll be treated to the latest dose of videography from Gucci. Glen Luchford directs a fashion-filled 60s dance party, jam-packed with embellished bombers, trademark sneakers and patterned pantsuits. Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons' The Night plays and the models breakdance in sequinned sweatpants. Prices aside, all this alone is enough to sell the season as far as I'm concerned. Take a look for yourself.


Canadian blue boy Maccy D just released his latest LP, This Old Dog. Nothing's radically different this time round, just the same warmth and lyrical genius we've grown to know and love over the years. Plus the album art is ace. 

Mark Richardson at Pitchfork writes "DeMarco’s actual music is chill, loping, slightly goofy, slightly druggy, and sometimes seemingly half-asleep, which is to say, it has such a clear relationship to his persona that it amplifies the reaction to his persona. You have to take the whole thing—the guy who shows up in videos and onstage, and the person singing these songs—together." 


Gather your tissues/tissue boxes/buckets - the I am Heath Ledger documentary trailer dropped earlier this year and, as of this week, it's showing in select cinemas for what we can only presume will be a short time before people decide it's just far too sad.. 


This man can do no wrong! A more superior, 18-member cast of an animated movie about dogs could not possibly exist. It's a shame we have to wait 11 months to see this come to fruition. 


Wollongong's Yours & Owls festival just dropped their line up and it's full to the brim with Australian artists. The Presets are co-headlining the two-day festival, and The Preatures make a feature too, just days after informing fans they've finished their next album. The Dunies are there too, of course. Other highlights include Holy Holy and tonnes of other Triple J-backed bands like Safia and Slum Sociable. If the drive wasn't so horrendous, we'd be making the trek down for sure. 

Curated by Tim Salisbury and Elli Webb
Cover photo and words by Elli Webb
Illustrations by James Martoo


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