Breakfast in Bed - Round 4


I'd booked The Standard High Line a few weeks in advance. It was my own fault for letting those Chelsea vistas onto my Instagram feed for the past few months (or years). The result was a fair chunk out of my travel budget, but it was way, way worth it.

Full disclosure; I spent the days in the lead up to my stay incredibly nervous that they would actually enforce their 21-and-over policy as I checked in with my 19-year-old ID. But, funky dude on reception just gave it a quick look, handed it back with our key, and said, "get into some trouble, that's what we do here." He also said it in a way that didn't feel cheesy, but still just enough like a movie.

The Standard Grill was one of the best meals I had all trip. I thought I saw Derek Blasberg at the table behind me (it wasn't him), but I enjoyed the anonymous man's style anyway. The room service was as good as it looked, and the view didn't hurt. For once, we quite literally had Breakfast in Bed, and I don't think its likely to be beaten any time soon.

Words by Greer Clarke
Photos by Tim Salisbury