Study Mixtape

There is a framed motivational poster hanging in the reception of the dentist. It reads “the future is limitless” in bold Times New Roman scripture. The capitalized words sit below a stock photo of a mountain climber, arms outstretched, overlooking snow-capped peaks and the waiting room of less-adventurous adults hiding their inherent childhood anxiety of dentistry and lack of flossing. The future is limitless. And so is the extent of procrastination.

In the flood of assessment, the phases of stalling are almost as textbook as the unit material being ignored.


You have the YouTube history featuring motion-picture events such as Best Dog Frisbee Catches Compilation and 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Like Mike 2. This is followed by the standard sense of achievement upon completing the writing of a to-do list. But perhaps the most iconic of this time of time wasted is the creation of a study playlist. If Manu and Alistair taught us anything in the glory days of Ready Steady Cook, it’s that the best quiches are made from celery, three carrots and a small tin of coconut cream. Comparatively, a great study playlist is a slow cooker stew of movie soundtracks, toe-tapping rhythms and gentle 5-degree head bangers. So close those eighteen tabs, clean up that tea you spilled some hours ago but used discarded notes as a sad excuse for a towel, and open those eyes that have more bags than a Kathmandu during a summer sale. It’s time to be somewhat productive.


Here is a mix to help you climb any metaphorical waiting room mountain. In an effort to cover all genres of background music, some tracks may not be your flavour – just pop it on shuffle, and see where that beautiful mind of yours takes you.

Good luck.

Words, illustrations and playlist by James Martoo

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