Good Times Online #8

We've had a pretty cool response to illustrated in the last year, and many of you have particularly enjoyed the good times segment... well good news folks, the good times roll on.

We're setting out to boost content quality in 2017, even if it takes a bit of time to get into the swing of things. Here are five quality times online that have given us good reason to push through our awful political climate (and this heatwave) and get creating.


1. Eye for an Eye

Marco Prestini is back. Anyone who is familiar with Golden Goose sneakers would know the trademark star shoes come scuffed already, so you don't have to go water the dirt patch out back and walk through it before they look cool. 'Star* Back Home' documents the VERY process each pair goes through.. at least we hope the proceedings are real. 

This is one of the coolest fashion short films we've seen recently - mind you all the other cool ones are by the same man. Prestini binge on 3! One, two - 


Last September, Solange [Knowles] released her LP A Seat at the Table. If you haven't heard tracks like Mad or Cranes in the Sky you should probably get to it. But first, go scope out Solange's feature on Interview [Magazine] conducted by her sister Beyonce, and accompanying photos by Mikael Jansson (see right). Pretty iconic if you ask us. 

BEYONCE: ...You would lock yourself in a room with your drum set and a record player and write songs. Do you remember that? Of course you do.

SOLANGE: I do. [both laugh]

BEYONCÉ: What else attracted you growing up?

SOLANGE: I remember having so much perspective about my voice, and how to use my voice, at such a young age—whether it was through dance, poetry, or coming up with different projects. I guess I always felt a yearning to communicate—I had a lot of things to say. And I appreciated y'all's patience in the house during all of these different phases. They were not ever very introverted, quiet phases..


3. Euro Gurl Skater of the year

Josie Millard just won European Female Skater of the Year. While this marks the 6th edition of the Bright European Skateboard Awards, it's the first time a female category has been introduced to the line-up. Again, pretty iconic, and a massive push for female skaters, athletes, humans in general. There are plenty of good times online featuring Josie killing it in the scene but our favourite is one that's just resurfaced by the guys and girls over at i-D. Take a look



Reality hits as Palace's front man Leo Wyndham sings of the loss he must come to terms with in the wake of a break-up. 'It's over' is only one song of eleven on the bands debut album So Long forever that acts as a release, study and reverse-celebration of the deterioration of a relationship. It's a pretty soulful record, and based on the subject matter you might expect it to be emotionally draining, when in reality listening to the record is a mostly soothing, cathartic experience - hear it for yourself. 


Several of the good people behind Illustrated in Colour are in New York right now. While this video wasn't published in the past fortnight, it's become more and more relevant with the recent election in the US. "It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home."

The short film, New Beginnings, has taken on new meaning as the people of NYC find themselves desperately searching for reminders of hope again. As you watch these dancers on the roof of the World Trade Centre, it's easy to forget the countries political turmoil, and the fact that the man behind it all lives just down the road.  






Curated by Greer Clarke, Tim Salisbury, Elli Webb
Written by Elli Webb

Illustrations by James Martoo

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