Good Times Online #1

The inaugural edition of a curated collection of external content and links for your weekend perusal. From Pauline Hanson making a vine to Em Rata naked on a horse, with a little bit of new music and some surfing inspo thrown in. See you next fortnight for five more good times online.


1.  'The Was' - SODA_JERK x The Avalanches

A film clip expertly choreographed from movie and TV clips and as chaotically beautiful as The Avalanches' music itself, which is built from expert sampling and mixing. Extremely good, and worth the 16 year wait between albums. Due to a number of problems with copyright, as one might expect, the video has been taken down from Vimeo. Fear not as it is still available to be seen in all it's glory right here:


2. Valentino at Paris Couture Week

This weeks wraps the Haute Couture shows in Paris, with a touch of Italy, courtesy of Fendi (branded charter jet and bus included). If you've only got 5 minutes, my personal standout was the Valentino show. Shakespearean, romantic, mildly equestrian, and with a soundtrack I NEED to track down. The billowing red closing gown struck me so darn hard in some front-row snap-stories. They're doing pretty okay without Garavani thus far.


3. Emily Ratajkowski on sexuality and shaming

"Sex is normal. Desire is normal. Attention is normal, and that's okay."

Emily Ratajkowski, a woman who grew up in the midst of Third Wave feminism, is interviewed by Naomi Wolf, one of it's founding mothers. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, there's tension as well as agreement in the ideals both women hold, as well as how they've actually lived them out in life. Much of the conversation comes to back to Wolf expressing her wish for Ratajkowski to be as successful as she is now, but without having ever taken her top off, with Ratakowski asking, why not both? 

Read it HERE!


4. Dream Steeple by Vissla

Dream Steeple is the latest from Vissla, directed by innovator Eddie Obrand. It shows a group of some of the worlds best, surfing some amazing locations across several continents. It screams of the surf trip that every surfer dreams of, in a vehicle that most surfers can only dream of. Its an art piece with some unbelievable surf footage and cannot be passed by.


5. Pauline Hanson

Either this footage holds true and another seat has re-opened in the federal Senate, or we have just located historic footage of the first ever Vine (6 second video). Either option would be excellent. 

Words by Greer Clarke and Bill Job
Illustration by James Martoo
Curated by Greer Clarke and Tim Salisbury