Les Ice Creme ?

Getting lost is underrated. It was only a couple of days ago, on Stradbroke Island, that I was forced to take that opinion. On what should have been a short expedition to the dunes, a wrong turn and an overzealous leader meant beating our way shoeless up a steep, overgrown, incline only to crest and see in the distance a group of snow-board wielding tourists meandering casually (no sweat, no scratches) along the dune we had set out for. Then we were descending back into the shrubbery - this time with a direction determined - then out again, then up again, six sets of footprints tarnishing the glossy white sand. Ignoring the fact that our primary coping mechanism at the time was hurling friendly but very impassioned verbal abuse at said leader, it has to be said that the sight was all the sweeter when it was harder found.

And, look, the playlist here doesn't have a whole lot of sentiment in common with that little anecdote, except that it sure would have been nice to have had these tunes at the time. 

Playlist by James Martoo
Words by Greer Clarke
Photos by Tim Salisbury

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