Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture

By 4pm, everything was closed. 

People in Naoshima still lived by the sun. Often, hours of the few eateries and coffee shops on the island said "10am - Sundown", and otherwise simply, "Closed in Winter". 

The island's silence and stillness were unfamiliar, yet comfortable. It was like a relaxing bath you didn't realize you needed until you stepped in, or a reunion with an old friend, one you couldn't remember why you'd let so much time pass once you were together. 

I walked around in the deserted streets, in complete silence aside from an occasional chirping of a bird or a faint sound of the radio from a house I passed by.
Time passed slower here.                                                                                                                                                 
Everybody else was in a rush.                                                                               

Words and photos by Kasumi Mizoguchi