Bluesfest 2016

The lineup for the 27th Annual Bluesfest boasted some big name acts this year that would get even the most basic of b*tches and bros excited. Kendrick Lamar. Enough said.

Sadly however, I didn’t actually get to go on the night that Kendrick was playing so this article is limited to my experience at the festival on the Sunday.

If you haven’t been, Bluesfest is a must do. This was my third time going and the festival is yet to disappoint me. Some of the most amazing acts I have ever seen have been at Bluesfest, and they have been small musicians that I’d never heard of before. If I can offer one piece of advice to anyone planning to go, it is that you should pick your must-see acts of the day, and then go and listen to something completely random and outside your usual tastes. There is no such thing as a bad act at Bluesfest.

The festival has a great atmosphere as well. It is perfect for the whole family: a place where kids can come along and ask their parents why that man’s cigarrette smells a bit funny, and dance to music that they don’t know the name of. A huge bonus of having so many oldies around is that the dancing Dads in fedoras gets rid of a lot of the annoying 12-16 year olds who come to concerts to claim they discovered the music before it was cool. And if you’re a Dad who wants to dance in his fedora then it is a judgment free zone.  

Highlights of the day included some of my old favourites like the amazing one-man-band Kim Churchill and The Cat Empire, who are guaranteed to make you dance even if you hate their music.

Some of the acts I found and loved on the day included Sahara Beck, who is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t heard her stuff before and Allen Stone, who looks like he could have so easily been an IT nerd still living in his mother’s basement but instead has the voice of a 1950’s African-American angel. I’ve included links to some of this music so you can check them out.

Chuck any comments or questions you may have below, but I probably won’t reply because I’ll be too busy thinking about the day I can pull off wearing a fedora to a music festival. A boy can dream, can’t he?