Good Times Online #7

'Tis the season of many music releases, visual masterpieces and all sorts of other jolly business - or so we must assume after the recent surfacing of all the following good times online. A fresh album from Gambino and H&M's annual xmas video by the ever-so-groovy Wes Anderson are only two of this fortnight's hits. It's a surprise we didn't just leave the other three items off this time round..

1. H&M's Christmas Short

'Come together', starring legend Adrien Brody, is the latest visual release from fashion house H&M. In the name of christmas spirit, Wes Anderson directs the short in which a train conductor goes to great lengths to ensure his passengers experience the joys of the holiday season in spite of the blizzard going on around them. It's a little touching, but mostly just very Wes Anderson - which, of course, we love. 

2. Trainspotting 2

One user on Youtube writes: "Easily the most well-aged cast ever. Quite ironic considering they all play junkies". Agreed, and the sequel's plot itself looks pretty damn good too. All sorts of emotions thrash around the screen in the trailer that sees all major cast members return from the original. By the looks, cult fans are definitely in for one hell of a ride. 

3. Awaken, My Love!   - by Childish Gambino

So! Much! Soul! Too much. Childish Gambino (a.k.a Donald Glover) has just released his latest album Awaken, My Love! and boy is it a doozie. This time round Gambino's dropped a lot of the glitchier stuff and smoothed it on out for listeners, particular in my favourite track 'Redbone'. Childish has definitely scored a spot at the top of our list of acts to see this new years at Falls. 

You can (must!!) stream the entire album on spotify here




4. Remembering Christian Dior SS15

Refinery29 x Visionaire come together to bring us the sweet sweet details of Dior Spring-Summer. The video gives an insight into the satisfying design process of their iconic pleated skirts from absurd pleating technology to the final runway look. Check it out below. 

5. Flash In The Pan - GUM

Not much else to say other than here is a huge dose of new tunes by Tame Impala's Jay Watson (a.k.a GUM) and a nice album promo vid to accompany. 

Curated by Jemima Burgess, Nick Sheehan and Elli Webb
Written by Elli Webb
Illustrations by James Martoo

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