Summer gradually wanes, the autumn leaves fall, pUMPkIn SpICe LATTES! Jokes, we have none of that shit here. Get with it, this is the southern hemisphere. If you're not located beneath thou five cross'd stars, tell us what's going on on the other side. Down here it's all windy, rainy, "spring", and, alas, our telleee-radio-webs broke so we don't have a clue. I'm sorry. Hope you're having a good week. These five things should help.

1. Gram to follow - Texts From Your Existentialist

I've had these bad boys on my feed for a while now, but occasionally they just seem to be too good to go un-celebrated. Chuck em a follow. Oh, and in writing this piece, we discovered that they have a website where almost all of their most ingenious works are COMING SOON as prints!



Not sure why, but the same guy who brought you debut album 99.9% has dished out the goods on Soundcloud for you 90 minute listening pleasure.


Featuring Scarlett Johansen, model/hectic cool brit Adwoa Aboah, and Juliette Binoche. Directed by Rupert Sanders. It looks like a trip and gives nothing away, but that's coming from somebody who hasn't dug very far into the Japanese manga franchise origins. 

4. Tom Odell feat. Kevin Spacey

What can I get for you today? Hmm, I will have Kevin Spacey, climbing a set of infinite stairs, sweating profusely to the beat of a English singer-songwriter. Oh, and can he be wearing a red suit, please? If the news of a new Tom Odell album wasn't enough a delight, this video should fill some Kevin Spacey shaped hole in your soul. Like Odell's best music, it is simple, yet strangely haunting. Watch, and sweat, below:


5. Another gram to follow - Elliana Esquivel

Rounding it out with another way to spice up your feed, @elesq provides the goods with charming and telling original art and illustrations (and she's only 19). 

Written by Greer Clarke
Curated by James Martoo, Nick Sheehan, Elli Webb and Greer Clarke

Illustrations by James Martoo
Cover by Nick Sheehan

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