Real or Not Real


Myth - Beach House

As Victoria sings, "It's never as it seems". Things are never as they seem. 


Reconfiguration - Other Lives

Like the devil on your left shoulder when your angel goes to speak, a song that messes with logic, by challenging the subconscious, reworking truth. 

Chamber of Reflection - Mac Demarco

A quest to spend time in your mind, to free your thoughts, only to find you're always alone, alone again. And - there is no one else to blame but you. 

West End Kids - Emma Louise

For the West End kids, comfort meant you were who you were always going to be, living in a fake world that only feels real when you play pretend. 


It's Real - Real Estate

A song to remind us we live without control over most things, but to continue on without any worries in spite of that. 



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Written and curated by James Martoo and Elli Webb


Real or not Real. 

A SELECTION OF Still life / music to accompany.


Blue Moon - Elvis

An elvis song where he takes 3 attempts at the start to get it right. It is so real it feels unreal. 

Camberwell - #1 Dads

True beauty in the mundane. 

Pyramid Song - Radiohead

Like the blue cloth and the peaches, starts classical with the piano, but you soon realise its a scene you have seen before. 


22 (OVER S∞∞N) - Bon Iver

A warm sounding song where something just doesn't sit right, like the way a paper bag slouches over oddly.


Lovefool - No Vacation

Truth, lies and everything in between: a love story. 

Plastic - Moses Sumney

 "My wings are made of plastic and so am I". The white fast food - everything is consumed in one colour. On a individual level - a reflection and acceptance of your own faults. 

Ashes of American Flags - Wilco

A song about the falseness and limits of things.


Weary - Solange

A constant need, fixation, to check your surroundings, to check yourself. 


Colour in Anything - James Blake

Importance of finding colour and beauty in small things - like a simple bowl of soup. 


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