Good Times Online #3

We're all quietly hoping that nobody reading has noticed this hasn't quite been following the initially promised fortnightly timing. No matter. There have been exciting things happening on Illustrated without outsourcing. That being said, this edition of Good Times is even better because we're offering up with creme de la creme of approximately three weeks of internet goodness. There's video content, two doses of new music and more video content. Enjoy, and happy weekending!

1. 10 Seconds - The Pressure

A mini-doco about the swellest man called Mike Heist who makes neon-signs in Portland, Oregon, and has been for a few decades. Beautiful craft itself, and also a brilliantly made short film. Captivating and intimate. 


2. You Can't Ask That - ABC iView

A handful of people belonging to assorted minority groups sit down to answer anonymous questions commonly thrown their way. The results are fascinating, heart-warming, funny, all the rest. Sometimes you'll be shocked at the horrible things people ask, and sometimes you'll be genuinely fascinated by the question, because you've thought it yourself but, of course, you can't ask that. Such is the genius of this mini-series, coming to you in digestible 20 minute episodes. Particularly great are the episodes Ex-Prisoners, Sex Workers, and Indigenous. Like, so, so great.  Here is the trailer for the Sex Worker episode, and here is the entire series (for free! Hooray for ABC!).

3. new music: New album from bon iver

Apparently. Vernon himself says there will be NEW music played at his Eaux Claires festival, which, depending when you're reading this, is either happening tomorrow, right now, or yesterday. Regardless, 2011 was too long ago, and we want more. Just placate your beating heart by listening to Perth again now. It seems suitably precursive. 


4. more new music: melbourne bitter ep - Cousin tony's brand new firebird

The latest release from Melbourne-based band Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird, who won us over initially with 2015 release Queen of Harts (Head Home is also tops). 

5. First we feel, then we fall - desillusion and globe

Where is this? I mean, it says Montauk, but at the end of the 4 minutes and 22 seconds I want to know the exact whereabouts of that pool, forest, beachside. Beautiful people, beautiful places. Lots o' nips. Another calming visual feast for you, to finish off your Good Time Online.

Written by Greer Clarke
Curated by Nick Sheehan, Bill Job and Greer Clarke
Illustration by James Martoo