Still Life: Pink

What is it about the colour pink? It speaks whispers of 5th birthday parties, the good chuppa chups, a kiss on a napkin. Overwhelmingly, childhood in general. Maybe it's the Barbie you worshipped, or the Barbie you beheaded. Maybe it's that congratulatory reminder to parents of a newborn that their kid will go on to earn 76c to that baby blue dollar (Just kidding. Not really). A recent revival of it in fashion is only just losing momentum. It will always be the better tasting cordial, and the foulest tasting cough medicine. Pink is a pretty powerful thing.

With that in mind, we challenged the contributors at Illustrated to choose their favourite item and share with us why it's special, the only constraint being that it must be pink. This is what we got.

An obituary: rest easy pink turtle-neck Gorman knit. You kept me warm, you served me well. It is small consolation that this photograph was taken mere days before I stupidly threw you in the dryer, only to emerge as stiff as a brick and shrunken to the size of my left foot. You will be missed. - Greer
Epiphany, by Ari Marcolpoulos, is comprised of a series of photos from Gucci's Pre-AW16 women's and men's collections designed by Alessandro Michelle. After emailing about 6 bookstores I managed to track one down that was willing to ship to the other side of the globe. Recently, Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michelle has employed a number of outside creators to cement his vision for the fashion house, cult photographer Ari Marcopoulos being one of them. Unfortunately, the book is now completely sold out, but have a go at trying your luck on e-Bay where they sell for almost 450 dollars (that's 350 more than retail. Yeesh.). - Tim
I can easily say that The Jam is one of my all time favourite bands. Emerging from the initial British punk rock wave, the trios album Sound Affects is definitely worth a listen. I love the rawness of the album and lyrics. - Phoebe
Emma Mulholland is my favourite and most radical Australian designer I can think of. I religiously wear this shirt because its black like my soul but bright enough to make people think otherwise. - Sophie
I love this because Tim took it on his first ever roll of film, and I'm sitting in his little sister's bedroom, who is also one of my best friends. - Jemima
Scrolling through your camera roll doesn't quite compare with flipping through an old photo album. I bought this in an op-shop about a year ago for $1.50. This album is the first of what I hope to be a huge collection of my memories in print. - Bill
Fairy floss zooper doopers or none at all. These things were my childhood. - Elli
The always reliable $20 disposable camera from Kmart, and a coupla beers later, and you get this shot of Jimmy from Dumb Punts from their gig at the Big Kick On Fest in Brisbane 2 months ago. - Sam 
Like a shell to a tortoise, this is the very plush home of my equally fantastic Gibson electric guitar. Opening up this case feels like you are submerging into the seventies, but with far less flared jeans and Richard Nixons. Even smells like cheap liquor. - James

by the Illustrated team.