Breakfast in Bed - Round 2

The love affair continues, and second servings always taste better anyway.

This time from the opposite corner of the globe, and a little closer to home, is a warehouse haunt in St Peters, next to Newtown, in Sydney's inner west. It's what warehouse dreams are made of. It's exactly what you wished you could do with that perfect brick industrial hangar, if only you found the property, and could even buy it, and could live a life with an outside bathroom. But somehow an outside bathroom hidden within sprouting vines and pot plants with a paved pebble floor and scalding hot, heavy water hits just the right spot. Out the door is a graffiti-gilded route to the train station one block over, and up the street are antiques, bookshops and cafes for kilometres. I'll stop now and let the pictures do the talking.


Words by Greer Clarke and photography by Tim Salisbury