"Baby Blue" - a short film about a full love

Ali Zaman - and much company - has created something truly precious. An intimate 9 minute film, full of cinematic and emotional artistry, that you find ending far before you want it to. While it can't be publicly released yet, it's certainly something to look forward to. We were offered an inside preview, including a collection of stills as poignant as the film itself.

Films are tricky things, particularly when you're coming out of the first episode of The Get Down and you're wondering why on earth you gave 90 minutes of your life to that (full disclosure, I've heard that the later episodes are better, but I'm as yet unable to comment). So when you're given something this high quality in a tenth of that time frame, with ten times that emotion, it's not something you want to let go, and it's not something you want to check Instagram in the middle of.

Zaman reminds me of Woody Allen in a way that anything featuring New York City as a character in itself and has the same name following "Written by, Directed by, Starring" does. As for the storyline itself, anybody who has been in a relationship will relate to the warped nature of the lovers' time together. Towards the end, you want to know, did he do something horrible, or is it her breaking down? Or is it both? Or, more conceivably, neither? 

Words by Greer Clarke
Curated by Tim Salisbury
Photography by Sandy Ismail

Film directed by Ali Zaman 

Tiffany Peach as "Valerie." Ali Zaman as "Dante."
Writer & Director - Ali Zaman
Producer - Godfrey Sedano
Cinematography - Devlin Claro and Godfred Sedano
Camera - Godred Sedano and Devlin Claro
Edit - Devlin Claro and Godfred Sedano
Colour - Devlin Claro
Sound - Eugene McManus
Associate Producer - Sandy Ismail
Wardrobe - Josie Claro Reseta