Music, Modelling, and Mascon Echoes with Jackson Dunn

Jackson Dunn is part of the first wave of new artists working under the record label Mascon Echoes to produce a new hiphop/electronic sub genre, known as lofi-hiphop. After producing as DËMKRÅTŸ, Jackson has been steadily releasing sampled tracks and albums over the last few years with an growing following. His music is self-described as a combination and variation of "trip-hop, ambient and also lofi-hiphop". Jacksons latest album, 2<>1<>8, has been a huge success and has attracted the attention of multiple other London-based artists. Jackson is most definitely a young producer to keep your eyes on in 2016. We caught up with Jackson recently to talk music, modelling and Mascon Echoes. 

Nick: Hey Jackson, how are you?

Jackson: I'm good man, how are are you?

Nick: Yeah not too bad dude, last time we spoke you were working on your new album. How's that going? I know you just released some new music?

Jackson: Sweet, yeah, I was, its been a chill time working on it. Literally just released it (2<>1<>8) on the 2nd of July.

Nick: Oh awesome! So at the moment your music is a part of this new wave of really cool sound coming out of London, how would describe the genre?

Jackson: I've been getting really into lofi-hiphop, thats where I think my beats are based around, but I love diversity in my tracks. This latest album is a really relaxed album something you listen to at brunch. There are a lot of different genres bouncing about in this album; trip-hop, ambient and also that lofi-hiphop, like I said I love diversity. If you listen through my past albums and EPs, I've got electronic vibes but its all usually got a base of hip hop.

Nick: Yeah I can definitely see the diversity, I love how it still flows so well, which is something that you've achieved in all of your EPs. I also heard that you will be producing and collaborating with Mike Musst on a new EP set to come out later in the year? (For those who don't know Mike, he's a young up-and-coming hip hop artist from London).

Jackson: Thanks man, I have been but there might not be anything for a while, just due to the fact I will be heading to New Zealand soon and that is going to delay the process, but I'm definitely going to keep in touch and try to eventually put out something. 

Nick: I look forward to it. So what got you into producing music, and do you think the artists you grew up listening to have affected the things you produce?

Jackson: My brothers got me into producing music. I've always had a background of music which comes from my dad. I think the music I listened to growing up - and now - has a very big impact on what I produce. Its all inspiration to me, its what makes me want diversity in my tracks; like with sampling.

Nick: So who were some of your favourite artists growing up?

Jackson: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin when I was younger, but my music taste is really broad. I dig a lot of music so its hard to say who my favourites are but Shlohmo and Mndsgn are up there.

Nick: Yeah definitely, so you're not only a producer these days but you're also modelling, is that right?

Jackson: Hahaha nah not really my mate sent photos of me into a model agency as a joke and one thing led to another, I went in for a photo shoot and got accepted into the agency. A funny experience but no work has come from it.

Nick: Hahah right, ah well I'm sure some work will come from it. Lastly if you could give one quote what would it be?

Jackson: Fingers crossed haha, "I just make music that I like to listen to".

Nick: Hahah love it! Thanks for the interview Jackson.

Jackson: Sweaty.