The light & the sea: Turkey

Three years ago I sat in Mrs Constable's Math classroom staring at a map of the world I had googled (who knows what anything looks like without the internet these days) imaging a year of travels that I would eventually convince myself to embark on. I wanted to see anywhere and everywhere and still I could hardly pinpoint where my first destination would be, or any that would carry me through to the last.

In December of last year I went to book some flights. I had already told myself I was to leave in a matter of weeks and my lack of organisation was beginning to verge on semi-concerning. I figured that mentally agreeing on some kind of scaffolding for my year of vagabonding about could only do good things, so I scribbled a rough itinerary over a map similar to that of Maths 2k13 and off I went.

In India, shortly after Holi, I realised much of the road ahead remained unpathed. In an attempt to fill a few gaps I had to chose somewhere geographically between India and Morocco (though the latter has since fallen through) to spend most of May and June in. I couldn't tell you why but Turkey seemed like no less than a total mystery and as a result, just a right old time and place to live life for awhile.

My six week stint working on a farm and sailing the coast has recently come to an end, and I figure what better way to share my time in such an unpredictably rocking country than through the unpredictable medium of 35mm film... 


I spent a lot of my time building a house up on a mountain, feeding chickens, making cherry jam and installing a plumbing system - this is a recent skill I have acquired, trust me I'm just as surprised as you are. In such a way I am somewhat unable to give solid travel advice aside from just GO! You will be pleasantly surprised; it'll be a Turkish delight, if you will.

A European summer is always a great idea, and the perks of the Turkish sun, sea, long lunches and locals are no exception. I did do a bit of wandering in my free time and highly recommend anywhere along the stretch of coast between Göcek and Olympus. If anything, temperatures did reach a top of 42 degrees, so prepare to get roasted, just as the animal in question might do the night before Christmas. 

All (awful) jokes aside, this country deserves some serious love and affection. Recent attacks, including bombs that killed 45 innocent people at Istanbul Ataturk Airport just last week have left citizens feeling more vulnerable than ever. In light of this, if you can travel to Turkey and you can do it comfortably, safely and in a positive state of mind, the kind people, the warm hues and the many ocean blues will bring light to your life. You have my word. 

Words and photographs by Elli Webb