Cookies are just as important as style, therefore this still belongs in OUTFIT. 

Thank you.

Despite the warmer weather (still 12 degrees Celsius), the sky remained gloomy and shed it's tears over New York City today. Perfect weather for museums and cookies. After meandering and getting lost in the Natural History Museum, we figured we were coincidentally close to the much anticipated, Levian Bakery, where they sell arguably the most craved cookie in NYC. 

Despite the expected line up outside the bakery, the chocolate, doughy smell made resistance impossible. This cozy little bakery located at 167 W 74th St, right by Central Park and the AMNH, had rainy day written all over it. It was just what I needed to feel fulfilled despite the dull weather, paired with my damp hair.

Okay, for the important stuff. At $4.00 a pop, THE COOKIES WERE BLOODY AMAZING. I decided to go for the Chocolate Chip Walnut and the Dark Chocolate Chip. They were filled with fresh, warm, gooey goodness and the walnuts surprisingly, really made the cookie for me. At first, I really just wanted a simple chocolate chip, but man, the walnuts were... nuts! Honestly, the best cookie i've ever had. Ratio is important; and the ratio of these bad boys is seriously perfect - just enough to allow my sweet tooth to be satisfied, my lips to be covered in melted chocolate and my stomach to feel full, but not the gross kind.

Today, Nicholas rocked the Ash Ketchum look, with his red cap paired with his demin jacket layered over a plain white Ksubi long sleeved Tee and red button up shirt that used to belong to my grandma. Yep, Grandma. His torso decided that today, it would take the same steps as his shoes - a satisfying mirroring of aesthetic.

My lack of photos is disapointing - I guess I was too distracted by the cookie - but basically I decided to look like a cowboy today with a low buttoned white top and the usual necklaces, coinciding with my white neck bandana. I pulled the ol' black jeans from the dirty clothes pile today for one last crack before I washed them and chucked on the old asos vintage-wannabe jacket. OUI OUI.

I'm sorry that this is a post about cookies and it is in outfit, but I am actually not sorry because this is so important. I promise outfit photos tomorrow will be better - I won't have the cookie to distract me.