Mixtape - Night in TUNI$IA

A New Jazz Mixtape

When a rap artist from Compton is announced as the headlining act for an Australian country and blues festival, a few thoughts come to mind.

One, the disgruntled face of a grass-roots hipster as he chokes on his chai latte in disgust of a music genre which isn’t inclusive of moaning and harmonica solos.

Two, an appreciation of how two genres can be friends.

Indeed, when King Kendrick Lamar graced the Byron Bay Blues fest line-up, many were left confused and even sickened. But the truth is, Kendrick has emerged as the unlikely saviour of a genre often secluded to damp cafes and elevators; Jazz. His latest releases To Pimp a Butterfly and untitled unmarsterd include dollops of celestial piano and saxophone chops circa John Coltrane. So why not try something different?

I’ve put together a mix of swinging classics, samples and rap fusions to strut your stuff with the grace of Sinatra and the fire of Dre.

Much Love,


Photo collage by James Martoo

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