Gig Review: Good Boy

The most Australian bloke I have ever seen sits alone at the back of Black Bear Lodge, silently jamming to Brissy band, Shag Rock. Complete with schooner in hand he is rocking a 70’s polo tucked into short stubbies, socks up, Docs on, shoulder length hair pushed behind the ears under a well worn cap. As the current set ends, unsure of what to make of him, we watch as he gets up, heads to the stage and accompanied by two others, starts to prepare for his own set. This is our first introduction to local Brissy band Good Boy. The young Australian three piece consists of aforementioned Rian King on bass and vocals, Tom Linderman on guitar and Stu McKenzie on drums.

Following this first interaction with the band I had to be satisfied with replaying 'Transparency', their first single and only song released at the time. I was too keen to hear more and when I saw their name on the line-up for Laneway, I didn’t need to read much further to be convinced I needed tickets. Despite opening for the main stage at the very start of the day, the three had good numbers backing them and smashed out a great set. Coincidentally it also happened to be Rian’s birthday, so he was sung off stage by a big group of mates and fans alike to the tune of 'Happy Birthday'.

The first of April saw the release of their debut EP, ‘No Love for Back Home’. The six tracks are everything the boys boasted during their live sets and have had me completely hooked ever since. The heavy bass and unique Aussie vocals from Rian are hard to go past alone. However, paired with some insane talent and work from both Tom and Stu, the trio are impossible to disregard.

Jumping forward a few months saw a group of us heading back to Black Bear to watch the boys front their own gig. They had returned home for the Brissy leg of their ‘No Love’ EP tour. Fellow Bris bands, These Guy and Tempura Nights opened for them and got everyone keen with ripper sets. Black Bear filled up quickly as the boys kicked off and the humble venue was the best kind of chaos for the better part of the next hour. Despite falling onto broken glass and getting blood on just about everything in sight, I walked away buzzing from an incredible gig.

Waking up and having a seemingly shallow memory of a few songs left slightly more to be desired. This gave us a weak excuse to want to see them again and just 5 days later we were on the road, headed up the coast to their Mooloolaba show for round 4. Even without their home crowd, they killed it and we drove home finally satisfied (for now).

Their Instagram (@goodbuoys) shows more than obvious signs of new music in the works. Keep an ear to the ground of the Australian music scene because they are already making a very prominent mark amongst it. The photos below only begin to capture how good the boys really are, but hopefully are enough to get you amped for their next show. Nonetheless, give them a major listen and enjoy the visuals.. 

Words and photographs by Bill Job

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