On Camel's Back

It was our last day in Jodhpur and we couldn't leave without paying a visit to the Thar Desert only a short, hour-long jeep ride away. From the small village of Osian we climbed a dune that overlooked kilometres of nothing. Our camels took us further into the Thar abyss, eventually reaching a village of one family, where we ate a home-cooked meal and watched one of the handlers smoke a strange tobacco-filled pipe as our animal friends took a well-earned rest. 

We doubled back, riding for another few hours before arriving back at the dunes - rough on the feet, but real soft on the eyes. We watched the sun set as the sandy bliss turned bright orange, and then drove into the night, back towards the chaos of the blue-city. With #1 Dads' About Face LP in our ears and a memorable day banked in our hearts, we reflected upon the day that was, the city of Jodhpur and the incredible time we had been having in India so far. 

If you're in Jodhpur and you're looking to do a Camel 'safari' my great friend Emily and I personally recommend Village Safari Day Tours . The founder, Chhotaram Prajapat (pictured in the second last image), is a super fun and friendly guy and isn't motivated by anything other than a desire to show visitors to India the best of his desert 'backyard'. 

Words and film photographs by Elli Webb