Mountain Sounds Music Festival


Mountain what? Look if you haven’t heard of it - it’s a music festival in Gosford, about an hour and a half north of Sydney. I honestly didn’t know what it was either until a friend suggested we do a road trip down there. I even bought my ticket without checking the line up. A festival is a festival and boy was I in the mood for one. I did not care who I did or didn’t see play on the day, I just knew it was gonna be a ripper time – and it did not disappoint.

The day started for us when we went to see Hockey Dad – a surfer rock duo from Wollongong with some absolute choons. The crowd was kept pretty subdued by security to start with but when drummer Billy came up to the mic to tell them to f@*k off, the set started for real. The band’s popular single “I Need a Woman” had everyone going nuts – Hockey Dad definitely knew how to rock out.

Afterwards, I thought I saw another stage behind the main stage and walked obliviously through a small gate, straight past a security guard, to what I soon found out was the artists back stage area. Free food, booze and heaps of people to chat to in the industry – for me as an aspiring muso with my band Vertigo – this was actually a wet dream. We met the drummer from Moving Stills, the bass player from I Know Leopard, the lead vocalist from Ocean Alley, former Voice contestant Nathan Hawes and even had a drink with Hockey Dad who we’d just seen play. We did eventually get kicked out, but it was great while it lasted.

Another highlight of the day would have to be the set from Skeggs, who wanted to see Violent Soho play so bad that they moved their own set an hour earlier. That pretty much sums up the festival for me – the fact that one band can change their own set time on the day of the festival so that they can go and fan-boy some of their mates. I honestly can’t even remember a single song they played but I still had fun – it was just that kind of atmosphere everywhere. People were having fun and rocking out together.

The whole set up of the festival was kind of like a mini Splendour in the Grass – with music to suit all tastes, from DJs to acoustic chills. For the overall layout and vibe of it – I definitely rank Mountain Sounds as one of the best festivals I’ve been to.

So, if you’re ever near Gosford around that time of year, I would 1000% recommend going to Mountain Sounds. Even if you’re not near, get your ass down there. If you have any questions or comments – put them below. Or just ask me in person at Mountain Sounds next year. 

Hamish Litster