Gig Review - Ho99o9

It was Monday and none of us had work thankfully, but I still needed to do something to make the most of the day off. I had heard about Ho99o9 through a magazine, and seen a few videos of their live shows which looked mental. By pure luck it turns out they were playing a show at the 100's club in London the same night, a venue which boasts hosting legends such as The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols. I grabbed my laptop and sussed out some tickets. Another stroke of luck they were only 10 quid. At that point I only had 15 quid in my account and whatever coins I could scrounge from the bottom of my bag. Deciding that I would still have enough for a train ticket in the morning, I booked a ticket; then messaged a few others to join in the Monday evening festivities. 

We all headed into Oxford St looking for the 100's club and without google maps we probably wouldn't have found it. A break in the shops led to some busted stairs which led down to what can only be described as a pit which warmly smelt of a mixture of piss and stale cigarettes; I fitted right in. 

Right off the bat the first bloke we saw down there was playing the drums. He then spewed all over the drums but this didn’t stop him and he kept playing, showering the few people close to him with his lunch. Ho99o9 came on like half an hour later wearing wedding dresses and balaclavas and went nuts. There was about 100 people in the pit and everyone was going nuts. With out a doubt the best live show I have ever been to.

All photos shot on a disposable camera by Nick Sheehan

Soundcloud: Ho99o9

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