Ultraviolet Hopeful Mixtape

 It always rains at Easter. It's become an unspoken guarantee in my life as dependable as the high blood-sugar levels and egg-laying rabbit physiology confusion that comes with this holiday. So after being bunkered away in the dim lighting of a hospital emergency department for what now feels like the length of human existence, my pensioner body was reluctantly hopeful for some sunshine this holiday.

But of course, the rain fell harder then the combined insulin levels of the nation, leaving me staring out the window like a sad arthritic labrador. In the mean time, I wrote some tunes and tried to befriend the cranky geese on a farm straight outta Disney.

So to mark this hope for an ultraviolet soaked week of university procrastination and questionable food pyramids, I've stirred up some golden oldies and farm fresh tunes to keep the good times rolling and the umbrellas folded.

Listen here:





Photos: James Martoo

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