Living in America is great. Living in America with British friends is even greater. Last Sunday, the 28th February, Sarah, Finty, Yazz and I decided to endeavor on a short voyage into Greenwich Village to honour a special day. It was a picturesque sunny day that reminded us of the warmth now overtaking the ruthless winter chill and Sarah had made a life-changing discovery. We made this trip with the specific purpose of immersing in a great British/Aussie delicacy that we dearly miss; Fish & Chips. Surprising right? In New York City, we finally found an authentic fish and chips experience with staple British groceries and flavours.

We arrived at A Salt & Battery on 112 Greenwich Ave and right about then, our jaw dropped and our eyes grew bright and bug-eyed. Finally, BEER BATTERED COD. We sat outside on the street with our beer battered cod, real chips (not fries), tomato sauce, aioli and Magners cider that was “apple juice” to the passerby’s. As time passed, so did the many friendly faces expressing their envy for our delicious feed, including the almost famous English woman who we believe is the pub owner next door.

One girl approached us and asked us where we were from and in response to telling her that we are from England and Australia, she laughed and made some remark about not venturing far from our culture on our visit to New York. I guess she had no idea that we have been eating the most American food for the past 6 months and had been craving a simple British meal. After reassuring her that we weren’t avoiding American culture, she asked us how the fish and chips compared to back home. Well… It is pretty damn close.

As we sat outside comfortably for the first time in what felt like a year, feelings of nostalgia stomached as I caught a glimpse of the diamonds of light on my Magners cider bottle and felt the warm gleams of sunlight on my face. The somewhat extraordinary sociable public reminded me of the same welcoming qualities of Australians that I miss so much. The afternoon came to an end, as did our meals almost in parallel to the setting of the sun. The linear rays chased the edge of the chair and the slight frost of the shadow forced us to leave A Salt & Battery. This place was a fortunate discovery that finally satisfied our long craving and I have no doubt that we will be back within a week. 

This British treasure is quite opposite to the fickle New York lifestyle and when it comes to food, just as the piece of cod I so thoroughly enjoyed, restaurants rarely remain hot for long. However, in my opinion, this gem provides the genuine British quality that is missing in many places and will always be appreciated because of it.

It was a fucking good feed.



Peace, Sophie