I’d say I had a pretty good start to 2016. Apart from my extremely regretful, rough entrance back into the USA on the 1st of January (You can guess why it was rough…Hint: New Years festivities), I’d say I started the year off in a pretty damn good way. On the 1st, I escaped the intensity of living in Manhattan and moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into a loft with my best mates. Since the move, we’ve had the reason to explore so much more of NYC and all of its eccentricities that I believe make the city so incredibly wonderful. I’ve finally found where I belong in this large, yet somehow tiny city. Everything about Williamsburg belongs in my alley, from the vibing grungy bars on practically every (graffiti covered) street corner, to the exciting people with eccentric style, the abundance of vintage, or, finally, good fucking music. Yeah, Williamsburg is definitely my vibe... Not to mention the ridiculous amount of sexy people.

Since coming back to NYC after Christmas, I’ve finally gotten a camera and from the get go, I started photographing and filming my adventures. I thought it would be nice to share some of my experiences here in NYC because I honestly love it here so much. There are so many times when I am standing on a subway and wish I had my camera to share even the simple things of my day to day life here that make me smile. But the truth is, to you, it will probably just look like a rancid subway door. This is because a) I am an absolute rookie and will take awful footage and b) you really have to experience it to believe it. Saying all of this, I still want to share what I can of the beautiful times I’ve had here in NYC, so I’ve made my first video called GLIMPSE. It is what it is; it’s a glimpse of a few of my memories, but nonetheless striking memories.


I'm definitely going to continue making videos that will (hopefully) get better in quality and I am currently on the way with a video that I feel passionate about; our absurd, sweet home. There is never a dull moment in our loft, like honestly, I’m not even joking and that’s exactly why I’m in love with it and the people inside it. I can’t wait to share the wicked times we have in our sexy Williamsburg loft. Hashtag indie.

Peace, Sophie.