Toona Sandwiches

This is a slightly different article because instead of writing about something I’ve thought about or done, I’m doing it for a friend. Consider it fan-mail to a non-celebrity, in fact simply to another team member behind Illustrated in Colour

James Martoo (just Martoo) is a hella busy little man and so can’t write as many AUX articles at the moment as usual. Mind you when he told me this, I don’t think he realized he’d already produced and served up on a sliver platter enough music fodder to keep me, and anybody else, entertained for months.

Practically overnight my Spotify was blessed with the arrival of a whole slew of glorious new playlists, courtesy of Martoo. The food themed names are almost as good as the music they serve. And it isn’t just a gimmick; somehow HONEY/NANA genuinely sounds like honey and banana feels. TURKEY/BRIE/CRANBERRY is served with appropriately generous layers of aged creamy classics, biting sweetness, and well-cured… meat.

There’s Lime Cordiale, the good ditties from the Beatles, dense loads of certain artists and only the best of others. Wait for Kodaline's All I Want to hit you in TURKEY / BRIE / CRANBERRY and you'll want to go hunt down that film clip again and (definitely) cry.

Happy studying, working, bus-waiting or day drinking. And thank for the food we are about to eat.

Greer Clarke 






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