Not a Vegetarian, Not Not a Vegetarian

Do we even have to pick a side (dish to go with my steak)?

 Meat tastes good. Not always, but most of the time meat tastes really, really goddamn good. It’s this, and one other thing, that prevents people from becoming vegetarian; propaganda from some vegetarians themselves. Whether you cringed or clapped at that, the annoying missionary vegetarian/vegan stereotype exists. And it’s really a shame that it does.

Vegetarianism may well be the better environmental and health option. Admittedly, it is definitely the better environmental option. But, that wasn’t the case for such a majority of human history that going cold turkey via no turkey is not yet normal. Vegetarians, by not eating meat, are straying from normalcy, and people and societies don’t generally respond very well to this. Particularly when these strange, alternative types attempt to convince carnivores that they should follow suit.

A vegetarian risotto is great, but even better garnished with a sliver of grilled prosciutto (sorry). But that’s still better than a chicken risotto. Make a beef massaman curry with kangaroo, as opposed to beef, an incredibly environmentally un-friendly animal. Or just double the sweet potato.

I will probably continue to toe the line by the above means. Again, for those same two reasons; meat tastes great, and vegetarians can be mean enough to send me back to it. 

So, are you vegetarian? Got any meat-eaters guilt? Or do you eat enough meat to make up for all the herbivores? 

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