Lime Cordiale - Another Round, Please

Lime Cordiale: a new favourite with a sound so bold and a vibe so punching that I’m doubling the concentration.

Brewed in Sydney’s northern beaches, Lime Cordiale quenched a sizeable crowd at Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge. Two pre-show sets from local supporting acts echoed through the quant attic as I downed a pint with my companions for the night. We all smiled at the sloth-esque fellow who took a nearby seat to finish his XXXX Bitter, who unbeknownst to us all, was the bassist for the night. That is what I loved about this gig; a $14 ticket for a four-hour feast of heavy tunes and big smiles.

Concluding a mammoth year of sold-out national shows, the band released their third EP, Road To Paradise with a thirteen set tour. Taking flavour from The Roots, Cat Empire, and Sticky Fingers, Lime Cordiale delivered a fresh and pounding set of heavy choruses and infinite sing-alongs. I spent the majority of time wondering how such quality could be hidden away in a $14 show amongst the shadows of Chinatown. My friend and long-time Lime fanboy, Bill Job, bought every CD and a Shirt available on his exit to keep the memory alive. He even managed an autograph from the guitarist, scribbled with red lipstick on an empty beer can.

I left with a complimentary sticker, ringing ears and a full faced grin as Lime Cordiale played non-stop on my following daily commutes.

All I could ask for now is a refill, please. 

AUXJames MartooComment