Good Times Online #6

What's that? The third Presidential debate happened yesterday? Can you really blame us for having election fatigue when the race begun almost 500 days before the polls. Excuse us while we tap out until November 8. In the meantime, dive into your weekend with loads of aesthetically pleasing goodness, from music to musing, new beginnings (Solange's fresh album) to heart-wrenching endings (Dylan Rieder).

Written by Greer Clarke and Bill Job
Curated by Greer Clarke, Bill Job and Tim Salisbury

1. A Seat at The Table

New music by Solange and new music VIDEOS by Solange. Even that big pink marshmallow coat in the thumbnail is porny. Iconic stuff, give it a listen. Also good from the album is Rise and F.U.B.U.

2. Alicia Vikander at the Magic Diner

Some of us got really excited when we discovered this last week, and thought we were onto something cool and new, while some of us gave the ever crushing "Oh I watched that ages ago." Regardless, if you haven't watched it yet, enjoy a magical three minute taste of Alicia (and Anna). Directed by Niclas Larsson 

3. Kenzo x H&M

As this is being written, the Kenzo x H&M collaboration is being shown in New York in a spectacular fair led by dancing who-villians, accompanied by a cotton-candy marching band, and with no model not dancing, 

4. Dylan.


5. Real Axe - Israel

The latest episode of Real Axe is out and better than ever.