Barcelona to San Sebastián

Here lies a bunch of semi-HD analog pix documenting a 2-week stint from Barcelona to San Sebastián with the busabout crew, some wild new mates and my cousin Grace. We mostly hit major cities Barca and Madrid, via Valencia and Pamplona, and rounded off the loop in surf haven San Seb, a place I can now say is probably my favourite spot in Europe. We consumed bulk Sangria (seriously, muchos) as you'd expect, but it was the surprising discovery we made in a drink called Kalimotxo (red wine and coke) that well and truly took the cake. I can confirm the Spaniards / Catalonians know how to do a beverage. Aside from all the churches, paella, Gaudi works and enough tapas to sink the Titanic again (even without the iceberg collision), the fruity libations were the best part of Spain. Really though, chuck all these spots on your bucketlist, this portion of my trip was absolutely one for the books. 

Words and photography by Elli Webb

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